Sunday, 21 February 2010

Beautiful Day

Today we had a nice lazy start to the day. Got up had breakfast and because we still had no water and I had an air lock in my onboard water tank system we went over to the camps showers. Actually they were very clean. Felt great to get clean.
We went about 160 miles down the road and ended up just north of Knoxville TN. The campground is ok, has what we need a little cramped but ok. We didn't have to unhook the car because the site is long enough. That's a bonus.
We only have a little under 100 miles to travel tomorrow should it makes for a nice relaxing day.
Tomorrow we're staying at a KOA at least we will know what to expect. Kind of like Holiday Inn, the same across the country.
Ken is going to go out and wash the 2 beasties, Bertha and Billy (RV and Car) they are somewhat disgustingly filthy. The other 2 beasties (Maggie and Jackson) are crashed in here.
Happy to say we now have water so we should be able to shower in here tomorrow.

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