Sunday, 28 February 2010

Just Vegging !!

Yesterday we just kind of really got settled in. Got the bikes out of the back of the care, finally put the awning out (much to Jackie's displeasure, most of you know the reason for that!!!)BUT it was raining, pouring actually. Had a bit of problem with my hot water, was just warm coming out of the tap. Thinking oh oh!! more $$$$ to get a new element AND I don't want to use public showers. Got onto my favourite RV forum, the guys that have helped me time and time again and explained the problem. Right away one of the most reliable members asked me if I had left the outside shower taps on, off at the shower head but taps on. I had been using the outside shower to clean off hoses and such. Ventured out into the pouring rain and sure enough that was exactly what I had done. He explained it's something about water backtracking and mixing with the hot in the lines. Whatever the explanation, that is exactly what it was. Problem solved. Whew was I relieved.
We then headed out to the Camper's World about 20 miles away to pick up a new water filter for the coach. know what happened to my other one LOL. By the time we got back the rain was letting up and finally stopped. Yahoo.
Ken's family invited us over for supper last night and we spent a very enjoyable evening chatting and having several laughs. Not to mention a very good supper.
Today has dawned chilly, but sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Weather prediction is 63 degrees and it's 41 degrees right now. Check the temperature box on the blog. Not much planned for today, get the bike tires pumped up and take a spin around the park.
Until later...take care.
*sorry Robin camera hasn't even come out of it's case yet. Soon.

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