Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Gloomy day

Weather was gloomy most of the day. Sun came out for about 1 hour just after we had parked. It made it very warm, lovely, opened the windows of the MH. Then the sun went in and it got chilly, so had to close them all. Right now it's reading 10 degrees C outside.
The KOA we're in had homemade pizzas that you could buy, so we did. On a scale of 0 to 10 they were about a 6. But.....I didn't have to cook supper.
I did have to do laundry though. Had scads of doggie towels to wash as it's been very wet and grimy on the way down. So just finished the first load and working on the second. This red Georgia clay is hard to get out.
We are just south of Atlanta. What a crazy place to drive through. 8 lane highways, cars going this way and that way. And us stuck in the middle with this 38 foot MH pulling a car. Scary !!! for me anyway, Ken just swore.
Tomorrow we are supposed to stay in a campground in the northern end of Florida. Weather still hasn't been promising. Remember previous trips and when we reached this far, it was really warm. But it's still chilly, will still have to put the furnace on again tonight.
Internet here is good, but it does cost $5 bucks for 24 hours. Not bad, what the heck. At least there is internet.
Until tomorrow then..take care.

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