Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tour group waiting to go. Fredericton NB (7)




Here is my old apartment, 2nd floor..Fredericton NB (6)


Had to include this one of the Scotiabank Logo...LOLFredericton NB (12) (I worked in their computer security centre for 27 years)





Today we took a walking tour of downtown historic Fredericton. Approximately 2 hours. It was very interesting and even though I lived here many, many years ago, there was lots of things I didn't have a clue about.
I don't remember it has being such a pretty town, and there are lots more trees on the streets than there were 40 years ago. Of that I am certain. I checked out the old apartment where we used to live. It used to be an old crappy apartment above some stores. Don't know what it looks like inside (would loved to have been able to check that out) but they have upgraded it, thank goodness. The ceilings were 20 feet tall and the windows were probably 1/2 that set very high up. You could not see out of the windows at all unless you got a chair. I remember I couldn't even open the windows unless I stood on a chair. Now they are about half the size and set lower. And before you could just open the downstairs door and walk in but there is now an intercom and locked doors. I did see into the apartment that was beside ours which was the kitchen and the cupboards looked nice. We had those white metal cupboards which I had painted blue.
After the tour we did a little bit of shopping and got the critical liquid refreshment. It's been a relaxing day.
The RV park is OK. It has all the amenities we require, but it's just row after row of RV's not a place I would want to stay very long. But it does the job.
Tomorrow we head out to Hopewell, NB. If you're not familiar with them here's a link http://www.thehopewellrocks.ca/. We're there 2 nights, then on to PEI. Am posting a couple pics. You can view them in a larger format if you just click on them. It's now almost 5PM which is social time..till later..take care..

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