Friday, 26 June 2009

Long Day on the Road

Well we knew today would be a long day but we didn't figure it would be this long. We left the campground outside of Montreal at 8AM and we calculated the drive at about 7 hours MAX. First there was construction (of course) it's summer in Canada. But what they were fixing beats me because the roads were terrible. Guess the Quebec people don't pay enough taxes. There were tons of winter heaves on the road. So it was 'thump thump..thump thump..thump thump' you get the picture. Then it started to rain and rain and rain. Then we hit some very steep hills, didn't expect those. Fortunately we have a 'grade brake' on the MH and it makes going down them a lot less white knuckling. One of them was a 9% grade, that's pretty steep. Couldn't believe the difference it made. In out old MH it was enough you make you wet your drawers!!!!
Any way after all that we got here at about 615..that's 10 hours on the road. It was tough. Maggie was an angel, and Jackie was very good, doesn't settle, but good none the less. Just up and down up and down and has to sit right here beside me. WILL NOT venture back in the MH unless it's stopped. Dope! Won't even go get a drink 3 feet away from me. Then when we got here it was raining so hard we couldn't get out of the MH right away to start hooking up.
Shortly after we got here the head guy for the RV Caravan came over and introduced himself, very nice man. Gave us the scoop on the next few days. There's coffee every morning at 730 over at one of the MH's. We are here until Monday morning and believe me we need the rest. There will be a get acquainted dinner Sunday night.
So I might not write tomorrow and there won't be much to say, if there is, then I'll post. Until then take care...


  1. WHat no update?? It's Sunday already...If you're going to have a blog page, then you have to blog!