Monday, 29 June 2009

Back into Canada

Jackson in window
Kings Landing NB If you look closely in the first photo, you can see Jackson in the window. He was not impressed with us walking away.
Our's is the 4th from the left. This is in the parking lot at King's Landing.
Today we left the sodden RV park in the pouring rain (what else) at 815 AM on the dot. Everyone was ready and on time.You should have seen us going down the highway to the border. It was only about 5 miles away and they wanted to have all of us cross at the same time. Figured that they would not give anyone a hard time that way. And they didn't, one after another we went through. Then we drove to King's Landing about 45 minutes away. This is a exhibit of old structures. In the 1960's the NB government decided to build a dam across the St. John River. This would cause flooding of the valley and destroy several very old buildings. These old buildings were removed either whole and intact or dismantled piece by piece, each piece numbered and rebuilt at the new site. It has been created as a town and it is fascinating. We toured several of the buildings, some were businesses and some were homes. We, unfortunately, did not tour the whole place as it was raining and we were getting progressively wetter as we went along.From there we drove to Fredericton a very short drive, about 1/2 hour and checked into our campsite. The caravan had a LEO tonight but we did not feel like going and I made spaghetti and had a nice quiet evening in the MH.Tomorrow there's a walking tour of Fredericton. Then we're on our own for the rest of the day. I am hoping to see where I used to live.Till tomorrow then...take care.

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