Thursday, 25 June 2009

First Day on the Road to Montreal

Got up before 5 AM, but after looking after the dogs, and finalizing closing up the house and puting last minute 'stuff' in the MH, and hooking up the car, we finally got on the road at 7:15.
We stopped at a service centre at about 10 to grab some breakfast and Jackie was crossing his legs. Also needed gas, $206 worth !!!!! for 1/2 a tank. OMG.
Managed to get a couple more hours in and Jackie wanted to 'go' again.
Then we hit Montreal, what a madhouse. And I thought Toronto was bad for rush hour traffic, and this wasn't even rush hour. We wasted about and hour and a half in that traffic.
Then apparently the address of the campground is listed incorrectly in all GPS's and CAA's trip tik's. Isn't that just great???!!!! Had to phone them to find what the heck to do. Thank goodness for cell phones.
Finally found it, nothing great, actually kind of yucky. There are some nice spots but these are occupied by people who rent them for the season. The transient's spots are just a parking space really. No trees, a crappy picnic table, a fire ring, but it has power, water and a sewer. The TV works great, with just the attenna up.
There's a huge storm coming up, sky is black, lightening big time and it is going to pour. Major thunder, maybe cut the heat as it's a real bugger here. Hot and humid, both A/C's going full bore.
Won't be late tonight, long day.
Take care....

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