Thursday, 18 June 2009

One Week to Go

A week today we should be on our way to a campground in the province of Quebec. It's about the 1/2 point between Houlton, Maine and home.
I have checklists coming out of my ears. As this is the first trip we've taken in our new (to us) motorhome, it's a bit nerve wracking. Have I remembered this, checked this, installed this, on and on. Fortunately, if by chance I have overlooked something, I can pop out to a store and get it.
We pick up our MH out of the storage lot on Saturday, and as just about everything is already on board, it's just food, and clothes and last minute stuff to go on. Ken has to install the Pressure Pro tire monitoring device and my XM radio. Also check the tires for the correct pressure, a extremely very important thing in any motorhome.
I have bought an air stick for my laptop and as long as I'm somewhere there is cell phone service I will get a signal. Don't expect a problem and these days lots of campgrounds have WiFi all be it a little flaky in some of them. So hopefully I will be able to post just about everyday.
Had the car all setup for towing behind, to me that appears to be a little daunting, but Ken say 'no problem'. He's the driver so I must go with that.
So until a week or so from now..take care and please give your dogs a hug.

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