Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Onward to Goodlettsville, Tennessee

We had a 300 mile trip today.  Ran into a few very small showers, nothing serious, and the odd snowflake.  All in all it was a good drive.

It is colder here than our stop last night.  I put water into the tank and disconnected the hose.  I’ll connect in the morning when it’s shower time.  And now..guess what it’s doing???? raining of course.  But the forecast calls for it to quit very soon.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow we have 247 miles to our next destination. 

This appears to be a pretty good park.  Looks like a ex KOA to me.  Same type of office and cabins.  Full hookups, wifi, and cable, good for us.  There is a time change for us now.  One hour behind our normal time. 

Supper is done, Jackie’s been out AGAIN, in the mud.  Lovely.  Just chilling watching Jeopardy and listening to the rain on the roof.  Although to be honest I’ve heard enough rain on the roof for a good while.

Until later…take care.


  1. As long as it's raining and not snowing you're lucky! Looks like you're making pretty good time and having a great trip so far.

  2. rainy days and Tuesdays..and a wet dog in a small space..oh heck a wet dog in a big space is bad too!..our boy smells like cut grass..loves to 'stop drop and roll' at the park!!