Saturday, 5 November 2011

It’s been quite awhile

Yes, it’s been quite some time since I last blogged.  Not a lot going on  really.  Didn’t want to bore everyone with all the menial stuff day things that retired people do.  Sleepy smile

We are 3 weeks away from heading down to Panama City Beach for the winter.  The weather here has gotten quite nippy in the night time and wee hours of the morning.  The days have been, for the most part, beautiful, but still have that fall chill in the air.  Jackets are a must, that’s for sure.  This weekend is daylight savings set the clocks back time.  I wish they’d do away with that, it’s such a PITA.

As we will not here for Christmas this year, I have had to do all my Christmas chores way ahead of time.  I make all my own greeting cards, such as birthday, anniversary, and of course Christmas.  I usually send out about 40 or so Christmas cards, so they all had to be made up, envelopes made and ready to go.  As I don’t want to mail my Canadian cards in the US, I will leave these and my daughter will mail them for me.  I will take the ones for my US friends and mail them while I’m stateside.  Also gifts for any grandchildren and children that have birthdays while we’re gone.  This year only the kids will receive Christmas gifts, but there are 7 of them so that had to done also.  Four of them have birthdays while we’re away.  So I have goodie bags all ready to deliver to my kids for their kids. 

We will pick up ‘the beast’ next week so we can load up.  I have a nice pile at the bottom of the basement stairs that seems to be growing all the time.  This is my ‘for the rig’ pile of stuff.  As I come across something that is not usually the normal thing or not on one of my lists, I just cart it down to the bottom of the basement stairs. 

Rick and Paulette have already arrived and are all set up at their winter digs.  Katie and her ‘mom’ are in Zion but that’s just a little to cold for me, and now she says it’s snowing!!!!!!!!!  Time to get outta Dodge!!!  It never rain but it pours for poor Judy and Emma.   Besides all the rig and fridge problems she’s had over the past few months, now her back is acting up and she had to go to emergency.  I sure hope Murphy leaves her alone for awhile.  Much to Al’s immense pleasure, him and Kelly, Pheebs, and little Motormouse will be heading out very soon for the southwest.  Poor Al has been chomping on the bit for the last few weeks, just trying to get out of Dodge!!!!  Sam and Donna are off to Branson, but not with the rig.  Sounds like they are having a fun time there too.  And very shortly we will be heading out too. 

Well that’s it for now..more once we get out on the road again.

Take care…..


  1. soon you will add yourself to that list of rv travellers!!..lucky you!!!.have fun with the pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs!!

  2. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I had a not so pleasant reaction to one of the meds today, so I'm quitting that one.

    Before you know it, you'll be headed south. It's a lot warmer down here, thank goodness!

  3. We are already moving south and will be in Navarre, Fl for the winter, not to far from Pensacola.