Sunday, 27 November 2011

On the Road Again…!

We left this morning at 8:30 AM.  By the time we drove over to the gas station, filled her up then hooked up the car it was exactly 9 AM when we hit the road.  We are here in Monroe, Michigan.  A long 7 hour drive.

It rained the whole way, which made for a miserable drive.  And it’s still pouring.  But given the time of year it could be worse, could have been snow.  This is what we looked at all day out the front window.


I always fine it a hassle to de-winterize.  As the weather forecast was saying it wasn’t going to freeze, I decided to hook up to water, that and a chat with the fellow at the desk.  He said it wasn’t going to freeze tonight.  Must have had some inside info, I guess.  They heat their taps here too.  We like this campground, easy off I75, nice long pull thrus, full hook-ups.  This is the 3rd time we’ve stayed here on our way south. 

It’s not so much cold as damp, we have our space heaters going and toss in the furnace every so often to really warm things up. 

Driving with Jackson is a real treat.  NOT!!!  It’s not that he’s a bad boy, but he just can’t seem to settle down.  He’s up, he’s down, he’s up, he’s down.  You get the picture.  He’s so nosey.  I think he’s afraid that he’ll miss something.  He’s terrible in a car, whines and whines.  Thankfully he doesn’t do that in here. 

Our stop tomorrow is Lebanon, Ohio.

So until later…take care.


  1. Head south fast! I crate Emma when I travel. I couldn't deal with her under foot as I drive.

  2. crating sounds like a good idea for Jackson...hope the travel day tomorrow holds better weather for you all!! safely!