Monday, 28 November 2011

And it’s still raining..

We are getting somewhat fed up with all this rain.  Yesterday when we arrived in Monroe, Michigan, we had to setup in the pouring rain.  Today, we started out with dry roads, gray, dismal, but no rain, but by the time we arrived here in Lebanon, Ohio, it had started to rain and we had to setup again in the pouring rain. 

Question????why do some RV campgrounds put their sewer so far away that you need like 30 feet of hose to reach it.  We had to connect up 3 hoses to reach it.  Poor Ken was drenched by the time he was finished.  The CG is a little dodgy for driving around in with a 38 foot rig with a toad.  Have to be very careful, but we have full hook-ups (no cable) and a level site. 

There were a couple comments left about putting Jackie in a crate while travelling.  Well, he’s really not bad, just can’t seem to settle down.  He lays down, then gets up to look around, this is what he does the whole trip.  I don’t think I could crate him.  He’s 90 pounds of dog, and I would need a pretty big crate for him.  There is absolutely no room to put a crate of that size in here when the slides are all closed.  And although when he was a puppy he was great in a crate he hasn’t been in one since he was 6 months old.  Not sure how he’d handle that.  I always worried about him if we had to stop suddenly so I bought a harness system.  It has a ‘rip line’ which is supposed to go in a car in the back seat at the top from the hand handle to the other one.  Then this special harness, with a heavily padded chest part, is put on him and hooked up to the rip line.  That way he can move around and yet be protected if you have to stop suddenly.  In the rig, each of the front seat, drivers, and passengers have a hook for a child’s car seat.  So I attached the rip line to these two hooks.  I feel allot better now that he’s safer.  And of course, Arthur is in his crate.

Well tomorrow we are head for Goodslettville, TN.  The weather forecast for there is truly miserable.  Cold, and wet, even colder than here.  We will be so glad when we get out of this crap.

We were all toasty warm last night.  Between the space heaters running and the furnace when necessary, it was fine.  Just damp, lots of moisture on the windows this morning, especially in the bedroom, guess all that hot breath at night, 2 people and 2 critters.

Well until later….take care.


  1. hope the weather improves for you soon!!..darn rain anyway!!