Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting Ready to Roll!!!

First I’d like to welcome a new member.  Welcome Rick and Kathy Rousseau.

Well the rig has been in the driveway for 2 weeks now.  The first week, I took my time starting to load up, but this past week I put myself in 5th gear and really starting to move!!  Right now it is 99.8% loaded.  Just my last minute things, the dredges from the fridge, all our electronic gizmos’ i.e. GPS, laptops, cameras, e-readers, don’t like those things in there when it’s cold.

We had a couple really cold nights.  Our bedroom windows looks right down on the roof of the rig and I could see the frost on the roof a few times.  I did have an electric heater running in there on low, just to keep all the food stuffs from freezing.  I made the bed up with the electric blanket because I think we’ll need it for awhile in the beginning.  I have been checking the temperatures and so far it’s holding tough!!  But the weatherman does have a habit of changing things really quickly.  In this case I sure hope not.  We have a full propane tank because I’m sure the 2 furnaces will be put to good use.

About a month ago I was getting things together, like our passports.  Fortunately I opened them and realized that mine would expire in February while I was in the US!!  YIKES!!!!  Ran out got my new pictures taken and fortunately our government has finally come to their senses and if you’re renewing a passport you don’t have to jump through all the hoops anymore.  So it was a quick process and it arrived, via UPS, in 2 weeks.  Boy..that was a close one.

Tomorrow is my grandson’s 7th birthday party.  He was actually 7 on the 23rd, but his big party is tomorrow.  My daughter-in-law has a large family so they have quite a house full.  But I don’t have to make supper here and that’s really great as we head out the next morning.  We would have left earlier in the month but we wanted to be here for Riley’s birthday celebration. 

So first stop for us is just across the border in Michigan.  We have stayed at this CG before and we like it.  One of the nice things that we like is that they have heated pipes so that their water is always on.  If it’s not freezing cold, this is where I de-winterize our rig.  If it’s too cold, then it will be the next stop.  So far, it’s looking good.  But we carry jugs of water just in case anyway.

So…..once on the road, the blogging begins.  Until then…take care.

Oh you realize that a month today is Christmas..?????

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  1. how exciting for you guys!!!..can't wait to read all about the adventures as you head towards warmer temperatures!!..and yes I did realize that one month today all the madness will be done!!