Monday, 16 March 2009

Water Water Everywhere

Cape Liberty Cape Liberty (23) Cape Liberty (25)

Can’t remember the name of this bridge we had to go under

On our way, spent a very pleasant evening. Ship is great, beautiful, will continue blog when offline so my internet time isn't wasting away. Til later then...................
Ok, now I can write without a clock ticking.. We arrived at the pier after a frustrating ½ of trying to find it. Very confusing and New York is so big. But we found it, parked our cars, carted our vast quantities of luggage to the terminal and proceeded to check in. Security is almost as tight as at the airport, but it’s for our own safety. Doesn’t mean it’s still not a pain in the butt though.

Had about a 2-hour wait before we could board, no big deal, but Bob was getting antsy. Got onboard and rooms weren’t quite ready so went to the Windjammer buffet style eatery and had lunch and carted all our coats, carryon luggage with us. OMG!!!

Anyhow by the time we had finished lunch, the rooms were ready. Nice room, great having a balcony, big king bed. Cute little bathroom, but the whole thing is very comfortable.

Went to a comedian show before dinner, he was hilarious. Laughed so hard thought I was going to puke!!! Supper was very good, can’t say excellent, but very good.

Not sure what we are going to do today, although it is warmer out, it certainly is not sit on the deck and sun weather. Might have to try out the casino !!!

Tonight is the first formal, meet the Captain night. Time to get all gussied up.

Tomorrow is another day at sea but I’m sure it will be much warmer and then we can lie out on the deck.

We did go and sit on the deck and read for a bit, but even though we had towels over us, it was still chilly and very windy. But brave Ken did put his shorts on, NOT ME. Maybe tomorrow, it will be warmer for shorts. Still cruising tomorrow, reach Puerto Rico Wednesday.
Till later then – give my dogs a hug.

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