Monday, 23 March 2009


Well this will be an easy blog to write. we did absolutely nothing here. It’s Sunday and apparently all the shops in Bridgetown are closed. I find that really stupid as they will loose thousands of $. Imagine almost 3000 people looking for somewhere to spend their money. I know I was one of those 3000. So unless you booked a shore excursion there was nothing to do. There is a small shopping terminal at the pier, which we walked to, but bought nothing. Didn’t even take any pictures here. The pier that we are docked at is ugly, full of containers and machinery. Disappointed, because I love the shopping in Bridgetown, great shops. Oh well, I guess it is money saved. Tonight is dress casual at the dining room.

As I don’t have much input today, I will talk about this whole experience aboard.

All 4 of us are really disappointed in the calibre of food in the dining room at night. It’s mostly good, but certainly not excellent as we’ve had on other ships. Overall I would rate it 7, maybe the odd time 8 out of 10. Our waiters, we think, flunked waiter school. One is nice but can’t remember a darn thing. If you ask for something, he appears to go off to get it, then gets sidetracked and most times you have to ask again. The other waiter is just a pain in the ass. We find him very, very phony. None of us like him at all. His friendliness seems so forced.
The food at breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer buffet is great. Lots and lots of variety, and very tasty. No complaints there.
Ah, Ken just brought me back a bloody Mary, today’s, happy hour special. Happy hour, its 11:15 AM!!!!
We also find that although the overall service is good, we have had better on other ships. But cannot complain at all our room steward. That part has been great. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad cruise, but we just find that the service is not up to the calibre that you except from Royal Caribbean. We are all having a good time, but you can certainly notice the cutbacks.

It’s a beautiful ship, huge, lots to do aboard, always something going on if you wish to partake. Ken has yet to climb the rock wall, but he says he is going to. Will most certainly get pics of that. Haven’t played the mini putt yet, we’re saving all those for the way back, as we are 3 days at sea.

Went to a comic show last night, OMG. Marlene & Bob left ½ way through and we should have too. Thought the last guy was bad, this guy made him look good. It was awful, actually words cannot describe how bad he was. Not much laughter from the audience. There’s another comic act tonight, almost afraid to go to this one, but Ken wants to go, so we’ll check it out.

Got a picture taken the first formal night of the 4 of us, only 1 I have purchased on this trip, just as something to remember the whole cruise by.
So far I have taken 151 pictures, I must ask Marlene how many she’s taken. LOL!!
March Holidays - 2009 066 March Holidays - 2009 067

Boy this bloody Mary sure is good, may have to have another one. Anyhow, overall we’ve really enjoyed ourselves, it’s been relaxing and nice to see some of the islands. Looking forward tomorrow to Antigua as I have never been there before. After that it’s just sailing on the open sea back to Bayonne, then home.

Miss my animals.
Till later then and…give my dogs a hug.

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