Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Puerto Rico – Arrival

San Juan (5) San Juan (1) San Juan (2) San Juan (12) San Juan (17)


San Juan – Puerto Rico – arrive 4 PM.
730 AM Wednesday -Last night was dressy casual night at dinner. Dinner was excellent, first time we all could say that. Food has been good, but disappointing for a cruise ship. Both Ken and I agree that the food and service aboard our Celebrity cruise in the Greek Islands was by far and away, better. Not to say it’s not good here just lacking in some areas.

After the show we went to see the comic again, this time it was an ‘adult only’ show as it did contain some ‘adult content’. He is hilarious. His name is Ed Regine. If laughter is the best medicine then I should be very well for a long time!

Just enjoying a cup of coffee that Ken went up to the Windjammer restaurant to get. This is a ritual every morning while we get ourselves going for the day.We have not booked any tours in San Juan, as there were none that really appealed to us so we are just going to debark and explore. There is a fort there that I have hoping to get to. More later then…….

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