Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Wednesday – Very rough day at sea yesterday and last night. Marlene had to wear both her seasick bracelets. Fortunately, we are fine. But the ship rocked and rolled all night long. And today too, is quite rough. Seems to be getting a wee bit better, but every so often we hit a good wave, and everyone looks like they are drunk when walking, swaying from side to side.
Tonight is the last formal night onboard. Thank goodness I can put the tuxes and formal wear away. I have one suitcase out and packed away with clothes that I know we won’t be wearing again. I have a huge bag with laundry. Know what I’ll be doing on Saturday.
It’s back to long pants, no more shorts. You can feel the coolness in the air and with the brisk wind it’s really chilly. Only a few brave souls out on deck. We’re not one of them.
Tomorrow I’ll pack up the rest of the suitcases. They usually have to be outside your cabin door sometime in the evening. Just leave the carry ons with us.
We’re really looking forward to getting home, miss my critters terribly. There’s a Seeing Eye guide dog, a yellow lab, on board. Nice to see a dog. When she wasn’t working I asked if I could pet her. Her name is Agnes, and she’s a really sweet girl. So calm, and gentle. Had to have a dog fix!!
Just checked the map that shows where we are located, it shows around level with Northern Florida, several hundred miles off shore.
There probably won’t be any news tomorrow so this will be my last blog of the trip.
Take care, talk to everyone when we get home. Bye for now..
Cathy & Robin..give my dogs a hug.

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