Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Tuesday…Rough seas, there’s a storm just around Bermuda and it’s causing 65 MPH winds which are making the seas quite rough. The captain has altered his course somewhat to try and avoid the worst of it. The ship is rocking and rolling and I’m sure there are a lot of people a little ‘green’ today. Myself, I’m just fine, have my sea legs and swaying with the ship…LOL. It was sunny earlier but the sun has gone in and with the breeze blowing quite briskly, it makes it a little chilly out on deck, you need a light jacket.
Won’t be much news over the next 3 days, so can’t guarantee any posting after this one.
Cathy if you’re reading this, I will phone you on Friday when we’re about ½ hour away. If you can have all of Jackie’s stuff packed up and ready to go that would be great. Also when I call can you make sure that he goes out for a pee before we get there? Don’t think he will but when he gets all emotional if he had to go, he just might wet himself. Not sure how long it will take us to disembark and get through customs; we’re hoping to be on our way around 11 AM

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