Thursday, 29 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

In a few days, it will be time to say goodbye to 2011.  Where does the time go?  Since we retired we find the time is slipping away even faster.  I suppose that is just the way it is.

The Christmas dinner was lovely.  All my cauliflower with cheese sauce was eaten.  Love that, at least I know it was enjoyed.  There was so much great food.  And so much of it.  The turkey and ham was excellent too.  They had stickers on some of the chairs.  Ken’s chair was one of them and we won a bottle of wine and (now wait for it) a redneck wine glass.  Do you believe it????  So now we have 3.  It never rains but it pours I guess.  We had a really nice Christmas Eve dinner out with several people here at the park.  A very pleasant evening.

We had a doozey of a storm the other night.  The rain was incredible.  Torrents and torrents of it.  Then as the rain moved out the wind started.  There were gusts of 40 to 50 mpg.  It was very bad.  I just couldn’t sleep as I just hate wind when we’re in the rig.  The toppers on the slide outs flop and make so much noise.  So at 1:30 AM I got up and went on the computer for awhile.  Then spent the rest of the night sleeping (or trying to) on the couch.  The next day was still quite windy but not like during the night. 

There is a New Year’s Eve party here.  Just bring ‘your favourite beverage’ and an appetizer. I am bringing meatballs in BBQ sauce.  The Campground is providing champagne at midnight but someone at the office told me that last year by 11 PM the party was over and everyone had gone home.  I don’t make too many midnight New Year’s Eve myself.  But I thought that was funny.  Guess they don’t have to worry too much about spending much money on champagne!!! LOL.

In our RV kitchen if there is one major appliance running, like a coffee pot or toaster then you must turn it off before you use another one.  A couple times we have forgotten to do that and the breaker has tripped or because all the plugs are GFI, the main GFI plug had to be reset.  Well on Tuesday night I was using the electric skillet and forgot that the space heater was on.  So when the thermostat on the heater clicked on, the circuit blew.  Strange though, cause the main GFI plug still was on and no breaker had been tripped.  I searched and searched thinking there was another GFI hidden somewhere.  NOPE.  Even checked those silly little fuses, the ones that cars use.  NOPE.  So I called a mobile service and they came the next day.   Turns out that the GFI was getting power but not passing it on to the other plugs on the line.  New GFI installed and all was well.  Was very relieved, imaging all sorts of nasty things wrong.

Tin Man 

I was out walking the other day and came across this little guy.  Thought he was so darn cute.  Reminded me of the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz.  There are several crafty people here.  I’m not one of them.  I knit, used to sew all of my own clothes and the kids too, fix computers, oh and we make our own wine, which is pretty darn good but that’s about it for my craftiness.  But some of the things people make here, just amazing.  That’s like Paulette and her quilting.  It’s just so beautiful.

Until later..Happy New Year and take care. 


  1. glad to see you folks had a great christmas...hope the weather settles down soon for you...

  2. Made me chuckle to think you won another red neck wine glass. :)

  3. That little tin man made me laugh...what a cute idea. I agree with you on the wind...don't like it!!

  4. Happy new year to you both!!!!..don't really like the wind either!!

  5. Hope you have fun at your New Year's Party even if you don't make it to midnight - I'm sure we won't either.

    Those GFI plugs can sometimes be more trouble than their worth.

  6. We are in a Navy RV campground, for active duty and retired personnel. I'd recommend it but don't know about the other RV campgrounds nearby here in Key West.