Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Happy Shopper

I have been a M&M (the candy company) fan for a long time.  Although I do enjoy their candies, it is their merchandise that I love.  Every Christmas time back home the local Wal-Mart have a novelty candy dispenser for sale.  They are different every year.  I have collected them for many years.  The latest dispenser was always delivered by Santa.  When I ran out of place to put them, I told Santa that I had to stop collecting them.  Sob…these are just a few of them…
Coach Potatohotrodjukebox
Well…………!!!!!! imagine my pleasure when the Wal-Mart down here in Panama City Beach had a whole display of M&M.  Oh my, I was in my glory.  So I bought a mug, t-shirt,  nightshirt and keychain.  But today I headed back and picked up the whole set of coffee mugs, another t-shirt and a pair of fleece comfy lounging pants.  I had to drag myself away. 
My HaulMugs
I am now lounging in my very comfy pants.  Hmmmm warm and cozy.

We have had a couple very cold nights.  Last night was the coldest, got down to freezing.  I disconnected from the tap and turned on the utility lights in the bins.  Put water in the fresh water tank and we were good.  Even with the space heaters running during the night I did hear the furnaces kick in, both front and back.  So it was cold out.  But we were lovely and warm.

Paid Five Guys a couple visits since my last blog.  How do they do it?  Their burgers are just so darn good.  Hard to stay away.

We are going to drive down to Destin very soon.  It’s about 60 miles from us here.  We really want to see the town and it’s time for a change of scenery.

Until later then…take care.


  1. My Rick is also a m&m fanatic...he got dispensers for christmas many used to sit on his night stand and every night he'd sneak a few before going to sleep..remember the ad that said M&M melt in your mouth...well I'm living proof they also melt in your 'hair' during the love the fleece pants..

  2. I've never seen those dispensers but after seeing your pics, I'll have to keep a look out - love M&M's!!

  3. If you're going to collect something, it seems you have found something very "happy" to collect. Who doesn't like M&Ms!!