Saturday, 3 December 2011

Home for the next 3 months

We had a good drive down on Thursday.   The weather was great, sunny, and clear.  Although we did wake up to a very cold morning.  Good thing I had disconnected the water.  The tap had frozen, but a minute with a BBQ lighter fixed that.  We were able to rehook up for our morning showers.  I really don’t like to put a lot of water in our holding tank.  I just feel it’s too heavy.  I only put in what we need for travelling, toilet etc.

The internet here is the worse I have ever experienced at a campground.  Last year it was great.  They are in the process of installing a whole new system.  It keeps dropping me, then starting, over and over again.  I took my laptop up to the main office and I was fine there.  They believe it is the tower relay that is right outside our rig.  Something wrong with it.  They are looking into it.  Hopefully they will get it fixed very soon.  If they don’t then I will go to Verizon and buy their mifi.  I cannot go 3 months with it like this !!!!

We were really busy after we arrived here.  The inside of the rig was absolutely disgusting.  More hair and mud than I care to even think about.  It took us a few hours to clean and set things up inside.  We got a really nice warm welcome when we arrived.  Several ‘welcome backs’.  Also a nice warm welcome temperature wise.

It was so very, very nice to wake up Friday morning and know we didn’t have to pack up and get on the road.  We spent the rest of the day cleaning the outside of the rig and setting things up outside.  She now shines and I can actually see out of the windows.

On the weekends they have breakfasts here.  So we went over and enjoyed someone making breakfast for us.  Then we went over to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of groceries. 

Jackson is having a great time running around in the dog park and meeting some new buddies.  Everyone here is so friendly and always stop to chat and talk.  His best buddy isn’t here yet, not until January.  But there are others that he enjoys playing with.

Today, Ken put up some Christmas lights around our site.  Lots of people here have really gone whole hog with decorating their sites for Christmas.  It looks really nice.  I’ll try and get some pictures at a later date of some of the sites.

The header picture was taken today after the lights were up and we were all settled in. 

This is a picture looking down the road from our site.  You can see the lights from some of the sites.  There are still lots of empty sites but I imagine they will fill up over the next month or so.

So until later…take  care.


  1. glad you are all settled in it is time to sit back and enjoy!!

  2. I like your decorations - and the grass around your site. Very nice.