Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Not a whole lot of anything

We really haven’t been doing much of anything.  But then again isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  We’ve hit ‘Five Guys’ a couple times and I know there will be many more visits there.  This is the best burger place, hands down, anywhere.  I think their burgers are even better than mine.

We went to the Christmas party on Sunday the 11th.  Lots and lots of food.  They have a secret Santa thing.  We brought 2 gifts so we got to pick 2 other gifts.  When we were on the Caravan in the US Southwest, some of the members had these redneck wine glasses which they would bring to the happy hour.  They are just mason jars with a stem glued on the bottom, tacky, I know, but great around a campfire.   I always liked them and thought they would great for the RVing lifestyle.  Anyhow there are a couple ladies here who make them and they brought 2 of them as secret Santa gifts.  When it was my turn to pick a gift I ‘stole’ these from a man who had originally chosen them.  He didn’t seem enamoured with them anyway.
Well it appeared that some other ‘lady’ had her eye on them and she stole them from me.  Actually she literally snatched them off the table very abruptly. There is a limit of 3 exchanges so that was it for the glasses.  But as it turns out a friend that we have here saw how disappointed I was and she is going to ask one of the ladies who makes them to make one for me.  That would make me very happy.

They still don’t have their internet working properly yet.  So we are using the Verizon mifi that we bought.  They better get it working soon as the snowbird crunch starts to really happen right after Christmas.  There will be alot of unhappy campers, literally, if it’s not fixed.

The people next door in a 5er have a Corgi, Zoe and a American Eskimo dog, Joey.  Now Zoe is great around people but not so much other dogs, but Joey just loves other dogs.  Jackson and Joey when they get together have a real tear around the dog park.  He is really a cute little guy.  Just a little worried about his size as Jackie is probably twice his weight.  But Jack does seem to be aware of that, but we still keep a good eye on them.  Here’s Jackson and Joey.

We had a couple days of lots of rain and cold, but yesterday and today was beautiful.  Yesterday we rode our bikes around for about 5 miles.  The forecast is for nice weather for the next several days.  Did some laundry and hung it out on my clothesline on the back of the rig and it dried in no time.  Plan to get out on our bikes again today for a spin.

We were out last night for dinner for our ‘sacred 13th’ at a place here called Salt Water Grill.  They have a huge 25,000 gallon salt water tank.  It’s so interesting watching the fish in there.  The food is very good too.  We’ll be back.  (when something is in a different colour it means you can link it to).
And lastly this is what our Arthur does most of the time…

Until later then…take care


  1. Jack and Arthur are adorable...we used to breed, show and raise golden retrievers..I so loved the lighter ones...have a super week -and I too love those redneck glasses :)

  2. Salt Water Grill looks like it would be an interesting place to eat. Glad you enjoyed it. Just can't beat Five Guy's, They are even better then Southern Calif's In and Out Burger. The first time we saw the Red Neck wine glasses was a few weeks ago, when we were at College of the Desert Street Fair in Palm Springs, with Rick and Paulette, we liked them also and should have purchased some. Nice to see the dogs having fun. Have a great week.

  3. You're absolutely right about 5 Guy's Burgers - the best burger I've had anywhere!! Now, I've just gotta find one around here!!

  4. Those wine glasses are TOO funny! And I love the decorative jewels on the top.

  5. Arthur has the right idea!!!..those glasses are a real hoot!!!

  6. Nice wine glasses! And a Merry Christmas to you!

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