Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Out and About Again

First, let me welcome a new follower.  Welcome americantraveler

We decided we wanted another wee trip out before we winterized and closed the rig up until the end of November when we head south.
We headed out this morning for 50 Point Conservation Park in Grimsby, Ontario.  That is just outside of Hamilton.  We came here last year and really enjoyed it.  It is located at the far west end of Lake Ontario.  It really is a beautiful spot.  There is not a lot of ‘kid’ things to do here so consequently it’s pretty quiet.  There is a large marina here also and some really expensive boats moored there.  Since the last time we were here, they had added a new campground which has 50 amp service and wifi.  Great additions. 

Last year we walked Maggie and Jackson down to the lovely beach they have and they had a ball in the water.  This year, unfortunately, Jackie had to swim by himself, but he didn’t seem to mind.  There were lots of other dogs there for company.

If you ‘mouse over’ the pictures there is a title for each one and if you click the photos, they open much larger.
MarinaPondToronto Skyline
I am really liking the new blinds we installed.  I think they give the place a little homier feel.  Once Ken figured out how to install the first one, the rest were not so bad, just a little difficult trying to install them under the existing valance.  Not much manoeuvre room.  I started off buying custom made blinds at Home Depot for the main living area.  I like them because they don’t have any little holes that let the light in.  But then I found these great Levelor blinds at Lowes that are cut to fit, and about 1/2 the price of the ones I had made at Home Depot.  And boy are they blackouts.  Very, very dark when closed.
New Blinds
These are the cut to fit Levelor
New Blinds #2Other new blinds
                                                              These are the custom made ones.

Tuesday – Had a nice quiet night’s sleep.  Very quiet and dark here at night.  This is a good thing!

We went for a nice walk down to the beach.  Jackson had another good swim.  No dogs down there when we were there, but that didn’t stop Jackie.  It’s a beautiful day here but they are calling for rain later on this evening.
Dirty Happy DogHappy DogIts a tough life
Well until later then..take care.


  1. the dog days of summer are the absolute best!..nice to see you all out and about again!!

  2. Sue and Doug are right-it sure looks like the dog days of summer:)

  3. I hope Jackson dried himself off before he plunked down for a nap. :)

  4. Hi, I did not know that our blog link did not show up. But I have added it to the info now. And here it is: www.american-traveler.blogspot.com
    Great coach you bought!!

  5. Great to read your blog again! Jackson sure looks all tuckered out in that last picture!