Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back Home Safe and Sound

Boy that was an experience!  We’ve been home for several days, but have had things to do around here and getting the rig spiffed up (still needs an outside bath) for storage.  That’s why I haven’t blogged for a few days.

There was a huge system that went through while we were parked at 50 Point Conservation Park.  Last Wednesday dawned bright and sunny but quite windy.  I brought all my awnings in.  But I had been watching the weather on the internet and the local news.  A very bad weather front was moving in and it was HUGE.  More tornado watches and warnings were predicted.  We watched the weather all day long and then the tornado warnings started to be issued all around us.  We were on a watch which is different than a warning.  They said a watch is just that, watch.  But a warning is ‘seek shelter’.  Needless to say we were getting nervous.  I had a quick exit plan formalized in my head.  #1- Grab Jackson & Arthur.  #2 – Grab purse, laptop, camera. #3 – Get the heck out the door and into the car and vamoose!  Fortunately it didn’t come to that, but we did have a tornado warning.  I stayed up till almost midnight watching the sky and the weather on TV until we had an all clear.  But we did get the storm.  OH MY!!!! What a storm it was too.  The lightening was everywhere, the sky was constantly bright and I have never seen lightening strikes so huge.  And the rain, that was something.  Thunder, thunder and more thunder.  Good thing, Jackson and Arthur aren’t bothered by it.  In fact, Jackson slept through the whole thing.  By around midnight the worst or it had passed through as I watched the radar I could see that we were now in the ‘normal’ rain category.  It did rumble, lightening and rain on and off during the night.  Thursday morning was sunny, bright and fresh.

That is as close to any tornado warning I ever want to get.  It was a little nerve racking.

The ‘beast’ is now parked in our driveway and very shortly we are going to give her a good bath and then winterize.  As we are not leaving until the end of November I just don’t want to take any changes of a freeze up.  After that is done we will drive it to the storage lot where we keep her.

Also very soon it’s time to close up the pool.  I really hate doing it as it does signal the end of summer and looking at a covered pool just isn’t as pretty as seeing the sparkling blue water.  And poor Jackson, he stands there and looks so forlorn at the covered pool.  He really loves swimming in there and I feel bad that he can’t.  But it must be done.  Can’t run it all winter!!!!  The nights are getting cooler too, fall is definitely in the air. 

We are going to have a rear guard installed on the rig.  You know those flaps that hang down from the back end of your MH that protect your car from stones etc.  We have had several stone chips on our brand new car (well it was brand new a couple years ago).  I investigated having a bra put on the car but can’t find one anywhere.  So decided that we need this flap installed on the rig.  We will have that done once we take it to the storage lot.  The company will do it for us. 

Well that’s it for now..take care.


  1. glad you are safe and sound..the weather was the big blog talk this week!!!..have fun prepping the RV for winter..eww..what a bad word!
    Poor Jackson..no pool to swim in :(

  2. Sayin goodbye to summer is always hard. Good to hear that you did not have any damage in the storm. It sure had been a rough weather spring and summer.

  3. Glad to hear the tornado missed you and that you're all safe and sound at home.

  4. Wow! That sounded like some really terrible weather. I hate that kind of weather when we are in the MH....its bad enough in a house!! Glad you made it home safe and sound!!
    You will love the rock guard....makes a huge difference!!

  5. I know what you mean about the tornado warnings. We were in Texas one year during tornado season and I had a couple of sleepless nights. That flappy thing is a good idea. I understand the hard plastic one works better than the grass skirt kind.