Thursday, 7 October 2010


First I want to welcome a new follower, sorry if I missed you before.  Welcome Cruzin2some and thanks for joining.

Ken dropped by yesterday morning at the RV repair shop and the fellow we’ve been dealing with said his ears must have been burning because he was just going to phone us.   The rad had arrived.  YAHOO!!  and that we should bring it in at 8AM the next day (today).  So we had to make a wild scramble to change (once again) our reservation at the hotel.  We went over and checked in.  It’s really quite a nice place and includes a full kitchen which is just dandy.  So we packed up what we thought we’d need from the rig and carted it over to the hotel.  Then went back and got the critters.  They settled in quite well, Jackson a little more emotional but of course he is a very emotional dog.  Arthur (cat) settled in just as if he’d always lived here.  He is a remarkable cat. 

So very, very nice to be out of the rig.  The bad weather had kept us indoors for 3 days, and while I love the sound of rain on the roof of the rig, I was sick to death of hearing it.  And if you’ve been following the news those tornadoes in Flagstaff were just 15 miles down the road.  The weather forecast for days was giving warnings of tornadoes, flash floods, hail, severe weather, wind.  It was very depressing knowing that we couldn’t get away from it.  The Camping World that we were going to go to and pick up a few things got hit bad.  Alot of their RV’s were damaged or destroyed.  A couple that was there in their rig awaiting some repair had their rig blown over on it’s side.  Fortunately they were not hurt. 

So this morning we got up early and went and got the rig, it was still parked at the KOA.  We had closed it all up yesterday and just left the electricity plugged in for the fridge and so that the heat pumps could work.  It’s gotten quite chilly here at night, around freezing.  We delivered it to the shop and now we wait again.  If all goes well then we will leave tomorrow morning heading home.  For now we are all very comfortable here at the hotel, they even offer free full breakfasts and suppers with wine and beer.  Think I may just stay here for awhile…NOT. 

Until later then..take care and wish us luck.  Thanks.

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  1. We heard about the bad weather in your area. It is terrible. The news here showed ictures of all the mangled RV's. As we say in Texas, When the clouds roll in "keep an eye on the sky"

    maybe your RV will be back on the road again real soon.

    Stay Safe