Monday, 4 October 2010

Still Stuck

Just a quick note as an update.  We are still here in Flagstaff.  The rad that was ordered was put on the wrong delivery type.  Instead of expedited, it was sent the regular old way.  So it’s not expected here until Thursday.  It was supposed to be here tomorrow.  The mechanic said that as soon as it arrives they will work on the rig until it’s fixed.  Originally they said 6 hours, and so far they are sticking to that, but with our luck on this trip who knows.  Some nasty gremlin has put a curse on us for this trip.  It’s certainly been ‘the trip from hell’. 

We went to the farewell dinner last night, it was very nice and tough to say goodbye to everyone.  I guess they are all on their individual way home.  Makes me sad to think that. 

Anyhow will update if any significant happens.

1 comment:

  1. We sure hope your parts come in and you are back on the road real soon. It'll get better.

    Stay Safe