Sunday, 30 September 2012


If any of you saw that movie, ‘If it’s Tuesday, then it must be Belgium’ then you know what I’m talking about.  We took a 2 week bus tour through France.  We saw about 17 towns in 12 days.  We took my 23 year old granddaughter with us and she seemed to enjoy herself.  First time in her life she’s been any further than about 150 miles from her home.  So this was a huge experience for her.
GEDC0037 My favourite..a vineyard!
GEDC0043Chenonceau Chateaux

We did enjoy it although Ken and I both agreed that we loved Italy far more than France.  We will return to Italy but no so France.  One of the stops was Normandy.  That was very sad to see the rows and rows and rows of crosses.  We went to the American cemetery.  Would like to have visited the Canadian one but our guide said it was about 80 km away and was very small.  Apparently Canada shipped the majority of the bodies of the soldiers home to be buried and there is only about 2000 Canadian graves.  I can’t remember how many American graves there were but it just went on and on.   In it’s sadness it was also beautiful and peaceful.  And we saw Omaha beach where they came ashore and the German bunkers.
GEDC0108 Normandy 
HPIM1018Mont St. Michel

That’s a long flight 7 hours to London, then another hour to France.  My rump was numb by the time we landed.  Most of the hotels we stayed at were average, but a couple of them, oh my.   Rustic is certainly an understatement.  And what’s with the twin beds in Europe?  Almost rolled right out of a couple of them.  So tired of living out of a suitcase.  Always so nice to come home.

We are discussing a river cruise in Europe.  Any of you taken one?  If so let me know what you thought of it please.

Our big 5er had the washer/dryer installed and all minor things repaired.  It’s winterized and sitting in the storage lot until we bring her home about 3 weeks before Christmas.  Then I start the loading for our sojourn south. 

Christmas is very quickly creeping up on us.  We’re hoping to get away the day after depending on the weather of course.

Until later…take care.


  1. Your pictures are so pretty! What an experience you have had.....I can only imagine. Glad you are home safe and sound. I'm not sure about all the international travels these much unrest in the world!

    We are in Freeport, FL. We arrived here today and will be here until November 30. Might spend December in the Keys.....not sure yet.

  2. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful experience for your granddaughter, I'll bet she was just thrilled at seeing all that history.

  3. A river cruise is on our wish list ... so no first hand experience yet, but here's an RVing couple that went on a river cruise earlier this year ...

    Also, this blogger in on one now, and has done a Christmas Markets cruise last year (?) -- he's a professional blogger, but claims he tells it as it is. ... you can find his report on the previous river cruise under the Live Voyage Reports drop down.

    1. Thank you very much for the links. Will check them out.

  4. Well, I was going to point you to our link, but I see Erin has already done so. We had a fantastic time on our cruise with Viking River Cruises in late May/early June. I think the time of year was perfect too - I wouldn't go any earlier at least. Viking has several different cruises and I'm sure they're all wonderful. Just bring hangers.

    1. Great, yes now that you mention it I remember reading your blog re your trip. Thank you for letting me know.

  5. I love your picture of Jackson...Just noticed it today!
    Hope all is going good for you. It's alitttle chilly here today in Freeport, FL at Live Oak Landing.
    Great idea for the Garmin as well.....Joe splurged and got a Rand McNally GPS for RV'ers after we got lost in Maine and ended up on a dirt road with no turn around......not good!

    More later.......

  6. Great picture of Jackson....he is such a handsome boy! I just noticed it today!

    It's a little chilly here in Freeport, FL at Live Oak Landing thanks to Sandy.

    Good tip about the Garmin. Joe splurged and got a Rand McNally GPS for RV'ers after we got lost in Maine and ended up on a dirt road with no turn around......not good

    More later......