Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Successful Birthday

Welcome Donna who has a blog.. http://therapytravels.blogspot.com/.  Thanks for joining up. 

We had a perfect weekend, weather wise.  A little on the hot side, but not unbearable.

My sister practically lived at our MH for the 4 days we were up there.  But that’s just fine.  We had several good chats.  The spa day was a hit.  She had never been before and I’m afraid that I may have started something.  She loved it.  We also took her out for dinner one night.  The restaurant was just excellent, service was top notch and the food was oh so yummy.  It was a lovely evening.

The rig somehow seemed larger with only 1 big dog in it.  Didn’t trip over legs and tails quite so much.

We’re all slowly getting better.  Still miss Maggie like crazy, but so glad that we don’t have to watch her being so unhappy and so uncomfortable anymore.  That was hard. Jackson was a moping around abit, but he’s getting better too.  Places that were strictly off limits because they were Maggie’s spots, and he knew it, like a certain corner of the couch, a special rug etc.  he now realizes that he can use.  Perhaps being in them he feels and smells her.  I still expect to see her laying somewhere.  Or hear her bark, she was one hell of a watchdog.  Always knew when someone was around. 

Well the rig is back in the driveway and stuff put away.  We’re going again next week but just for 2 nights to visit some friends.  Then I don’t know what’s up after that.  Maybe not go anywhere until we leave at the end of November.  But I think we’ll probably go somewhere for a short trip before then.

Until later then…take care.


  1. welcome back to blogville, Ruth!..sad to hear that you still miss Maggie!..poor Jackson..if only you could explain to him!..take care of yourself!..one less 'furkid'..just think you will only have to vacuum half as much. :)our boy, Tucker is one hairy boy!..good thing I like to vacuum!!

  2. Since I was at the Lake without wi-fi I just today found out about Maggie, we are so sorry for you, we have lost our share of pals and know what you are going through, Donna still cries two years after our yellow Duke left us, Rigg's has turned into a real morale builder and fills our days with fun. Hope Jackson can help in this regard. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I've often wondered if our pets miss the loss of a fellow pet as much as we humans. I think they do. I hope Jackson is getting some comfort from Maggie's special places.

  4. Ruth, I need an email address in order to send you an invite to Google+ and I don't have yours, o.k.

  5. Hi Ruth, I just saw today that you have lost your beloved Maggie. I know this is late, but you have our sympathies. Ellie and I have had many dogs, cats, and farm animals over the years and every time one has passed, it has always been very difficult for us. Our Samantha (Yellow Lab) turned 11 today and she is starting to have hip trouble too. She finds it more and more difficult to climb the steps into our motorhome. We give her an aspirin and something called Joint Health trying to make her more comfortable.

    Also, a big welcome to Google+.