Wednesday, 13 April 2011

We’re Headed Home, Kim..Yahoo

Kim is my daughter who does an amazing job of house sitting for us.  We also have to leave one of our cats at home as she just doesn’t travel and she looks after her and keeps her company.  Not an easy task, when you consider this is one of the weirdest cats alive !!!!

We are cutting short our winter vacation by 1 day, we were scheduled to leave on Friday but are leaving tomorrow, Thursday.  It’s been long enough and we’re all ready to go home.  We packed up what we could today and just have last minute stuff to do tomorrow.  We’ll empty our tanks tonight and put away all the sewer equipment so that we don’t have that to do in the morning.

Today we went to Brookgreen Gardens here in Myrtle Beach.  What a beautiful place.  Worth another visit next time we’re down here.  They have a butterfly house there that we visited.  Really different and interesting.  There is also an animal sanctuary that houses different kinds of rescued animals.  Animals that have been injured and cannot be released back into the wild.  We really enjoyed our visit.
Sculpture Bald eagles Oak allee Beautiful tree Butterfly Butterfly2

Well tomorrow our destination is Emporia, Virginia.  I believe they have wifi, I sure hope so. 

Wish us luck and until later..take care.


  1. Hey, we are leaving for Florida on the 19th. Hope your ride is a good one!

  2. Yep, know what you mean. Once the decision is made to go home, it is time to GO HOME for sure.

  3. safe travels as you head home!!..enjoy the 'windshield view' as you get closer!

  4. Have a safe and enjoyable trip home. We arrived home last night and today have a lot of work to do getting things organized again.