Saturday, 16 April 2011

Weather’s Got Us On A Holding Pattern

We decided to leave a day early so we left Myrtle Beach on Thursday, the 14th.  We made it to Emporia, Virginia for the night.  Campground was ok, very woodsy, lousy internet and a train track no more than 100 feet from us.  I like trains but holy moly when one went by, the ground shook.  Fortunately, none ran during the night.  

Our next destination was Bedford, PA.  Lovely campground, very pretty, great owners.  They said we could park in one of their new sites.  Great site, really long, full hookups, smoking hot internet.  BUT..the wind came up and this site just happened to be in the highest spot in the campground and the wind was hitting us really hard.  We first brought in our kitchen slide, I was worried about the awning topper.  We went to bed and it was really terrible.  So we brought in the living room slide.  That made for very cramped quarters.  After a couple hours the wind got even worse, so it was time to pull in the bedroom slide.  This meant moving Maggie who has her bed on the floor at the foot of our bed.  We got her comfortable and pulled in the slide.  Was finally able to get some sleep but woke up early because Jackson couldn’t get by Maggie who was in the hallway, to come and see us.  So we got up.  Had to put out a couple slides just to be able to move, but the wind was awful.  It was also raining.  Great.

We have a grade brake on our rig, but you are NOT supposed to use it on wet roads.  They say you could hydroplane.  And we have more mountains to go through.  We decided to stay until tomorrow and so far the forecast is calling for wind but no rain.  Also we parked ourselves at the front office waiting for them to open so we could get a lower, less exposed site.  They were very good at accommodating us and we moved into another site.  Still windy but nothing like it was, we can actually put out our slides.  So here we sit waiting for the rain to stop.  I really hope the weatherman is correct.  Otherwise we can’t go.  It would be fool hardy to try and get down the mountains without our grade brake.   Fortunately, we have lots of food, heat and cable TV.  But when you want to go home, it’s frustrating just to sit around and especially when it’s pouring rain.  Hard to walk the dogs in this weather too.  Going through dog towels like crazy, so figured as long as I’m sitting around doing nothing I may as well do some laundry.  Thank goodness for onboard washer/dryer. 

Well until later then….take care.


  1. Yep, sure know what you mean by heavy winds hitting the rig & having to bring slides in. Also know how frustrating it is be held up by bad weather when all's you would like to do is get home. We once sat by a solitary lake with nobody around for about 3 days through wind & rain waiting to get on our way again. I think that might have been somewhere in Arkansas. Water pooled around the rig & we were worried about getting stuck. Guess we all have to have a few bad times to really appreciate all the really great times.

  2. Nothing worse than waiting out bad weather! Nothing smarter either!! Great decision to wait it out and be safe. Good luck and hope you're on your way soon.

  3. hang in there ...hope the storm passes over quickly!..amazing how small the rig seems when the slides are in!!

  4. Yesterday's weather was bad (we live two hours east of Bedford)in PA. Today might be your best bet for a travel day. The rest of the week is calling for more rain and wind. Best wishes to you on your way home. Take care!