Saturday, 22 February 2014

Pet Parade

Today they held their Pet Parade at the park.  We weren’t going to bother entering Jackson because I really didn’t have anything to dress him up in.  Then Ken suggested we put one of his Hawaiian shirts on him with a baseball cap and sunglasses.  So we did put a shirt on him and sort of got the baseball cap on him but we figured the sunglasses must might get damaged so we didn’t bother with that.  The proceeds go to the local no kill dog shelter.  That is always a  bonus in my book.  The shelter even brought in several adoptable dogs.  Oh so cute and I sure hope they find their forever homes soon.  I don’t know if anyone here adopted one.  Last year they said 3 were adopted here.  There was one wee pup there that I had my eye one.  But we’re not ready to adopt another dog at this time.  It’s a good thing Ken is there to give me ‘the eye’ when I say, Look at this one!.


I believe there will be several rigs pulling out at the end of the month.  Some head home, some head to another campground.  They say it gets very hot here in the month of March.  We have decided, depending on the weather, if it’s too hot we are going to head up to San Antonio.  The weather up there is a little cooler and we have heard such great things at that area.  For us to head home at the end of the month wouldn’t be a good idea.  It is basically still winter back home and we could run into snow either at home or on the way home.

This little bird comes to our suet feeder everyday.  Also his mate..does anyone know what it is?


We took a trip over to the Mexican side, Progreso a few days ago.  You park you car on the US side and walk over.  Oh my, dentists, dentists, and more dentists.  And Pharmacies, load of them.  I had 2 things I had to get.  This cream that everyone raves about Gelmicin, that can only be purchased in Mexico.  You can get it in Canada, but only by prescription and it’s expensive.  I got a tube for $2.50.  Check it out online.  Jackson had a sore on his tail that he had aggravated by biting it.  I put it on in the evening and next day it was gone.  And a bottle of single malt, 20 year old scotch that my son said he wanted.  But as you can buy anything there in a pharmacy without a prescription I picked up some Nexium, dirt cheap.  Even though I have a plan at home, they only cover so much for this product.  There is absolutely nothing you can’t get there. 

We make our own wine at home, have done for 22 years now.  Personally, I think we make some pretty darn good stuff.  Anyhow, this year we brought 4 cases (48 bottles) with us.  No issues at the border, and we told them.  It’s hanging on pretty good, and it will ‘almost’ see us to the end.  We will probably have to pick up a few bottles, but not a lot.  So glad because we really do prefer our own wine to store bought.

Well that’s it…until later..take care.


  1. I love the pet parade! And what a great cause too. Shally and I were in the pet parade here right after we arrived. It was fun and she even did a trick...sit Sally!

    I think your bird is a woodpecker....maybe a Gila Woodpecker. I know they have the beautiful spotted back like the one in your picture.

  2. Great photos of the pet parade. Jackson looks quite dashing in his Hawaiian shirt.

  3. The parade sounds like a fun time. Slowly heading north is good, we have 52 days left, no need to rush. Don't want to run out of wine!

  4. That's a female Golden-fronted woodpecker in the picture. :)

    1. Thanks Judy, I figured if anyone knew it would be you. I checked my bird book but there were so many that looked similar to that guy. Now I know..she's a pretty thing and very feisty too. She guards that suet and even shoos away her mate.

  5. Pet parades seem to be a big thing in lots of campgrounds:)

  6. The pet parade looked like fun Ruth. So glad we were not there - I sure one of the homeless dogs would have found a new home if we were - and we are not equipped to travel with a dog this year.