Sunday, 1 May 2011

Home Update

Well we’ve been home now for a couple weeks.  Amazing how quickly you fall back into your regular routine.  It’s nice though.  Another thing that really amazes me is that after 3 1/2 months away when we get home there no dust anywhere!!! Not on the furniture, no dust bunnies running around on the floor, BUT by end of day after we arrive home the furniture has a fine layer and those little bugger dust bunnies are running around like crazy.  I guess with 2 adults, 2 large very hairy dogs, and 2 cats running around, it’s to be expected.  But it sure is nice for about 1 hour after we get home when there is no dirt.

The rig still sits in our driveway.  I took my time getting the inside scrubbed.  And scrubbing it did need.  That yellow pollen from the pine trees in Myrtle Beach winds it’s way into everything.  I vacuumed every square inch of that baby.  Stripped the bed down to the mattress, washed everything.  We had several minor repair jobs to do in there.  The shower need caulking…done.  One of the drawers in the dining room bench kept falling off the track ever since the guy removed them to put in the new floor…it’s fixed.  When they caulked the stairs after doing the new floor, they did a really crappy job…it’s been redone.  The toilet seal needs to be replaced…part on order.  A clamp needed to be put on the awning that no one seems to be able to fix so when driving it won’t unfurl…that’s done.   Bins cleaned, and reorganized…done.   Instead of pulling the big curtains around the front window at night I made curtains that cover 3/4 of the front window.  That way I can still see out the top part, but no one can see in.  I like it better.  But I was tired of the ones I made, so I made a new one…done.   All that is left to do, is give her a good bath and of course, when the toilet seal arrives, put that in.  Then we’ll move her back into the storage lot, the RV place still need to change the oil and stuff, but they’ll do that after we put it on the lot.

We’re going up to near my sister’s for a few days in July.  It’s her birthday and I like to spend time with her. 

I think we’ve finally decided that we’re not going to be here this Christmas.  We will head back to Panama City Beach beginning of December, after my grandson’s BD which is end of November.  That is the plan for now.

The weather home has been pretty nice.  I was a little worried we might have a cold snap and I didn’t want to winterize again.  But although we had a few nights just hovering around the freezing point, it wasn’t enough to worry about.  I did empty the fresh water tank, hot water tank and turned on the low level water valves to get most of the water out of the lines.  I still want to flush out the hot water tank.  I bought a neat little gizmo when we were south that will do just that.

Well until sometime later….take care.


  1. sounds like you have all been pretty darn busy to me!..making dustbunnies and all!..enjoy being at home!

  2. I do understand..our house was always nice and clean too....for about 10 minutes...and then man oh man can them dust bunnies reproduce!