Friday 11 March 2016

Trying to Rise from the Blogger Blahs

I guess that’s what I’ve been afflicted with, the blogger blahs.  I see from some of my fellow bloggers that it does happen from time to time.  One of my followers informed me that I have been rather lazy lately (you know who you are and thank you for the proverbial kick in the rear).
We are winding down our winter stay in Florida.  At the end of February we moved from Panama City Beach up to Myrtle Beach.  My sister is here in a rental condo and we also really needed a change of scenery.  We will be heading home in about 3 weeks.
We found this 4 months VERY long.  We wonder if it’s because we have just moved into our new home and love it a lot or if we’re just getting tired of RVing.  Time will tell.  We had only been in the house for about a year when we left to go south so we are thinking that is why we are missing it so much, we are still having that newness feeling.
Some of our very best friends rented a condo in Cape SanBlas, which is near Port St. Joe Florida.  They were there for the months of January and February.  Actually 2 of our very best couple friends were there.  We drove over several times (it’s about 65 miles from where we were staying) to visit with them and we stayed over for a couple days each time.  It is one of the prettiest spots around.  What an absolutely gorgeous beach it has and so doggie friendly.  In fact we decided that next year we are taking a break from RVing and we have rented a condo there for January and February.  They all have also rented for the same timeframe. 
Jackie in the ocean in Cap SanBlas with his buddies, Brody and Tammi.
Jackie and his other 2 Cream Golden Retriever buddies, Clover and Magic.  What a beautiful sight they all are.
Jackie and I going for a walk on the stunning beach.
We had our friends over for dinner and I had lots of help in the kitchen from my Jackson and his friend Tammi.
If by chance we realize that our RVing days are done, we will sell both and 5th wheel and truck.  We will still continue to be snowbirds as long as we’re healthy enough to.  But we will not stay the 4 months any longer; we find that 2 would be better.  And the problem with the RV is our weather back home.  We have to leave before the snow flies and can’t return until it’s gone which is about 4 months.  If we could shorten that stay with the RV we would not contemplate ending our TV trips.
We are looking forward to getting home.  I am going to have some large trees planted on our lot.  The trees that the builder left when he cleared the lot are either dead or dying.  It’s been a long 4 months for us this year.  We were very happy and thankful that we could spend some great time with our friends in Cap SanBlas.  We had a ball.
Well I don’t think that was a bad start to my blogging.  No promises about keeping it up especially since I don’t usually blog once we’re back home.  As I mentioned in previous blogs I still do read all your blogs every morning with my coffee. 
Take care and all of you out there on the road, please be safe.


  1. Sorry to hear you say you would give up rv'ing. We are never bored.
    We never stay in the same place for that long. The longest we stay is 1 month and we check out all the things available to see and do and then we go see them and usually have a very enjoyable time. We then move on. Staying too long in one place can be boring when you have seen everything there is to see. So we personally feel one month stays are long enough. Then we google things to see and do in our new place before we leave to make sure there are enough things to see and do for a month there if not we only make it a couple of weeks. Hey that's why we snowbirds have wheels under our house. Hope you change your mind and try doing it a bit different and see how enjoyable it really is. Rick & Kathy Rousseau It's about time.

  2. I can't imagine 4 months in one spot. We have been full time for 10 years and love to move around every week or 2 never bored but the time does fly by.
    Ultimately the choice is yours hope yo make the right one.

  3. Yay! Great blog and so looking forward to our forgotten coast next year! Xo